Here are a list of our programs and their description.  If you have any ideas for our programs please les us know by going to our contact us page.  All these programs are available at   Look at the playlists in order to find them.

Basic Things - a program which explains our Catholic faith.

Disciples Tech - a program in which Father Rosado reviews and shows how to use different technologies to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

Completas - a live program in which features Night Prayer in Spanish.

Jesus Junto a Ti con el Padre Adaly - A live program in which you can ask questions about our Catholic faith in both English and Spanish.

El Santo Rosario - A live program in which we pray the Rosary in Spanish.

Grupo Carismatico Catolico - A live program featuring Charismatic prayer and talks in Spanish.

Please see here for our live tv schedule.